Mod 10 EXAGON** in Black color

The Tank Pad mod. EXAGON has the particular design, with 105 elements in the shape of hexagon equidistant from each other. The structure is conformable and adapts well to any form of container. Following the instructions placed on the package, is made the mounting of ParaPal in 3 minutes, without the aid of specialized personnel.

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Mod 12 TORNANTE** in Red color

The model TORNANTE**, eclectic designs and original, has sinuous lines of varying thickness. The frame conforms and adapts well to any shape of tank.

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Side-pad 1051B TONDO 8 in 6 colors

Side-pad whose size is of mm. 200x280, intagliabile is as desired in the areas of silicon paper adjacent parts resin in relief. With an ordinary pair of scissors and can shape the form and obtain a personal result for use in charge. Besides, is available in 6 different colors ... including transparent.

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Mod. 5051 SCUPOLINO-8X produced in 12 different colors

Scooter-X is a three-dimensional relief effect, designed specifically for the decoration of Scooter in their salient parts, such as the fairing, the tail and body parts, the hull, the steering, console, etc. ...

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Mod 05 SFERA** in Red color

The SFERA** model is composed of 62 independent disks with different diameters. Distinctive appearance, has a conformable structure and size adjustable both in height and width.

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Mod. 08 ELLISSE**  in Green color

Model ELLISSE**, sober and sinuous design, consisting of 12 separate and independent of size ellipses. The structure conformable and size adjustable in length, make it easy and fast application.

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Mod. 04X PERLA** in Carbor color

The PERLA** model, exclusive design, consists of a cascade of 62 independent disks with different diameters. It's a protection adhesive, is easily applied to the tank of motorcycles of all shapes and sizes.

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Mod. 01 ARCO** in Blue color

The ARCO** model is a self-adhesive protective of contact, applicable to the tank of motorcycles of all shapes and sizes. The unique design of independent and opposite arcs, its conformable structure and its adjustable length, makes extremely easy its application.

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